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Congress Party Vision Document For Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 Released

Congress Party Vision Document For Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 Released: After the BJP’s Vision Document, Congress Party has also issued its manifesto for Himachal assembly elections 2017. A declaration was issued on Wednesday in the Congress office of the Congress Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan. Ghoshna Patra Committee’s Chairman Kaul Singh Thakur, Congress Party Himachal Pradesh in-charge Sushil Kumar Shinde, Co-in-charge Ranjita Ranjan, Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh were also present.

It is noticeable that three days after the Vision Document released by the BJP, Congress released a revised declaration. According to the manifesto, Congress will adopt Zero Tolerance policy towards corruption when coming into power.

Congress Party Vision Document For Himachal Pradesh Election 2017

Himachal Pradesh Congress Party Ghoshna Patra high lights points can read here. Congress Party has done many promises in HP Congress Vision Documents For Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017. If Congress comes in power so they will work on it. The Party has set their agenda for upcoming 5 years. The Party has tried to cover all categories & sector. Himachal Pradesh Opinion Poll 2017

Big Promises for Employee

Declaration of pension to government employees after 2003
– In the beginning, as the Congress government becomes the employee promises to give benefits to 4-9-14
– After three years of regular employees
– the announcement of regular contract employees after 2 years
– Claiming to be regular after daily service for 3 years of service
– To become part-time workers daily after 3 years
– Computer, Pat, Para, SMC, Other class teachers will be regular
– The employment policy will be liberalized, one person from each family will be given government employment
– The regulatory policy will be deployed by RKS, NHM, in other departments.
– Increase daily wages from 210 to 350 futures Gujarat Opinion Poll 2017

Old pension will be restored

Congress has announced another major promise, and after 2003, the recruitment of employees has been announced to restore the pension. Although it is not mentioned in the manifesto, it was announced differently on the spot. In order to provide financial benefits to all eligible pensioners, 5-10-15 percent of pension allowances will be included in the original pension. Making Senior Citizen Corner will be ensured.

Social security pension will be given to senior citizens of 60 to 75 years of age. Old Age Home will be built in all the districts. Camps will be imposed for the free medical checkup and free supply of medicines to senior citizens. Panchayat Secretary-level officials will be authorized to issue Senior Citizen Card. Himachal Pradesh BJP Candidate List 2017

Congress Party Vision Document For Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 Released


–  Free education to IRDP students till graduation
– Priority to fill vacancies, priority for opening new institutes
– College and Model schools will be opened in all districts
– All girls will be provided free vocational education
– The personnel will be removed in the CBC (RUSA) method
– 50 thousand meritorious students will be awarded laptops, in which 35 thousand tenth, 12th, 12th graders, 3 thousand postgraduate students will be taken.
– SC students will be given scholarship under the Bhimrao Ambedkar scholarship program for higher education abroad.
– Toilets will be built in schools within 6 months
– Construction of girl hostel in school, college
– Enrollment of 100% Enrollment and zero drop-out rate will be brought in within two years.
– free WiFi facility in college HP Congress Candidate List 2017

For Youth

– Unemployment allowance increased from 1000 to 1500 rupees, disability allowance will be 2000
– Claim to provide 1.5 lakh employees
– Job seekers will get training under skill development corporation.
– Mini stadium in all districts
– gyms, libraries, and playgrounds will be built in panchayats
– One-time grant to youth councils
– Sports kits to youth clubs
– Establishment of Public Administration Institute, Coaching Center at all headquarter

Women empowerment

Government crèches will be opened in the district and sub-divisional headquarters to provide care and proper nutrition facilities to the working women.
Working women hostels will be opened at the level of district and sub-divisional headquarters.

– Facilities for Government CRACH at District and Sub Divisional Headquarters
– Dormitory for working women
– New housing scheme for poor, old, disabled, orphan and helpless women
– The widow will get a grant of one lakh for the marriage of her
– ITI centers for women will be opened for technical education
– For establishing cottage industries and other manufacturing units, 1 lacs will be available without interest

The Congress government will ensure that the common man is given relief by controlling inflation. The process will be made easy and liberal to protect the business and industry from damage.

The state will set up pricing, control and business and industry development commission. The matter of raising the limit of Rs 10 lakh set for Himachal in GST to at least Rs 20 lakh will be raised from the Central Government.

Development and Welfare of Military and Para Military Classes Himachal Pradesh Election Result 2017
– To get the case raised from center to modify one rank one pension scheme
– Priority expansion of CSD, ECHS and Polly clinics in the state
– Ex-servicemen will have fixed quota for public outlets, drug stores in hospitals

Scheduled caste development and welfare

– 50% subsidy increase in coaching center for business, competitive examinations in Himachal University

Tribe development and welfare
– The liberal policy will be liberalized
– Special exemption from forest protection act in tribal areas
– 50 percent increase in allowances for scheduled caste students in the university

Development and Welfare of Backward Classes
– Strong board will be constituted for Jujhar, Paddi Lobana, Gorkha and other Backward Classes

For Health

– Free medical treatment, medicines will be available in all government health institutions
Medicin centers will be opened in all institutions, super specialty facilities will be available in the district
– Tele-mediation facility in tribal areas
– Cadre of doctors, paramedical and technical staff will increase by 25%
– BPL will be free for outdoor and indoor treatment
– The salary of doctors posted in tribal areas will be increased
– Halley in the difficult and inaccessible areas – the ambulance service will begin

Roads, Bridges, and Tunnels

Factor-11 will be applicable in case of land acquisition
– Connecting all the villages with road facility
– Connecting all districts to four lanes
– Over Bridge will be built in cities and towns
– Bhanupalli-Bilaspur rail project to be implemented soon
– Improvement in Pathankot-Joginder Nagar and Kalka-Shimla rail lines

Agricultural garden

– State Agriculture and Horticulture Commission will be constituted.
– Take effective steps to save agricultural crops from wild animals.
– Provide 90 percent subsidy for fencing of agriculture and horticulture land.
– 90 percent subsidy on agriculture and horticultural seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural equipment etc.
– Provide 90 percent subsidy for anti-Helenets. The maximum limit will be three lakh.
– For small and marginal farmers, the agricultural loan and interest of one lakh rupees will be waived.
– A nodal agency for timely delivery of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural equipment will be created.
– 90 percent subsidy for Rain Harvesting structure.
– Uniform Universal Carton’s policy will be implemented to protect the apple planters from exploitation.
– We will take steps to increase the import duty of apples at least three times.
– The chain of CA stores will be built.
– The network of irrigation projects will be developed.
– Special financial assistance for tubewell, borewell.
– To set up a small family unit of fruit, subsidies will be given at 4 percent interest.
– Fake seeds, fertilizer sale will be made into a serious penal offense and this will be strictly monitored.
– The fees of the Mandi committees will be determined in a rational manner.
State Tea Board will be strengthened.
– More medicines will be included in free veterinary medicines.
– The State Government will give more subsidy to encourage women and co-operative meetings related to milk production.
– The dairy purchase price will be increased.
– The special plan will be created for the resilience of the silk industry.

Forest and environment

– New Forest and Environment Policy will be created.
– A communication system will be prepared for prevention of forest crimes and security of officers.
– A nodal agency will be formed for effective implementation of Forest Rights Act.
– Within six months there will be a definite policy for monkey protection. Problem Settlement In A Year
– Echo will give special encouragement to tourism.
– The police will provide protection when roaming communities leave with animals. Give permits to pasture


– To prevent accidents, a high-level committee will be formed.
– Parking will be made at district, sub-division, tehsil, sub-division level.
– Old HRTC buses will change and new bus routes will be approved.
– Provide adequate budget to HRTC personnel pension fund.
– HRTC will fill the vacant posts.
– Liberalize the permit policy for buses, tamps, cabs, and three-wheelers.
– Mini local bus service will start at the district and sub-division level.
– Seats will be reserved for women and senior citizens.

Food Security

– More food will be included in PDS for BPL and APL families.
– More PDS shops will be opened in the entire state.
– Mobile vans will be made available to the foodgrains in far-flung areas.

Tourism and civil aviation

–  Himachal will be developed as a tourism based state.
– To increase the state’s income and employment will encourage the private sector to tourism.
– Home Stay Scheme will be liberalized. The number of rooms should be increased from three to five. Electricity and water will be charged at domestic rates.
– Enough parking facility will be built at all tourist sites.
– Special skill development courses will be started in tourism.
– To connect various tourist sites, heli taxi service will be started in the state.
– Shimla, Gagal, Bhuntar Airport will be expanded. Extra flights will be started at the discounted rate for these airports through prestigious companies.
– The ropeway will be built on a large scale.
– For 10 rooms or less, the hotel will provide loan subsidy to the youth who impose the tourism unit.
– The State Government will subsidize the loan taken by them for buying a taxi for self employment.

Industry sector

– The industry with more employment opportunities and friendly environment will develop.
– The higher percentage of employment will be set in the industries for the youth.
– Minimum wages will be increased to 350 rupees.
– Pension scheme will be created for the economic protection of workers of the unorganized sector.
– The revival of weak industries will form policy.
– Energy tariff policy will be modified and made available to the surplus power industries at reasonable rates.
– Skill Development Corporation will become the nodal agency to provide training to trained youth.

Rural Development

– MNREGA wages will be equal to minimum wages of Rs 350 State Government will raise additional financial burden
– Promoting self-employment opportunities in rural areas.
– Income limit will be increased for the eligibility of housing scheme in rural areas.
– Special financial assistance will be given to such panchayats, through which additional forest plantation and conservation will be commendable work.
– In Panchayat headquarters and villages, especially where the number of vehicles is high. Develop parking spaces in it.
– Provide sewerage facility in rural areas as per need.

Energy sector

– Allotment of new hydro projects will be taken care of when they get jobs for project affected families and local families.
– The project affected family will become shareholders in all new projects.
– A package for the electricity board will be prepared. This will safeguard the interest of board employees with the interests of the consumers.
– Completion of cost-effective reductions in ongoing projects.

Urban Development

– Due to the increase in the number of vehicles, all urban areas will have to face heavy traffic and parking problems.
– District Headquarters will be developed on the lines of Smart City.

Place of God

– Detailed policy for the protection of temples will be prepared.
– The limit of the annual grant for state-supported temples will be increased further.
– CCTV cameras and security guards will be provided to protect the temples.

Legal services
– Himachal Pradesh Advocate Welfare Board will be constituted to provide welfare of the lawyers and better facilities to them.
– The government land will be allotted on lease for the construction of the rooms of the lawyers at the district and sub-division level.

– Increase income limit from 35 thousand to 60 thousand rupees for different development and welfare schemes.
– Anganwadi and Asha workers will increase the honorarium.
– Education, health institutions, and government offices will be opened by relaxing rules in difficult and inaccessible places.
– Electronic ration cards will be made available to the public in a time-bound manner.
– The TD policy will also be liberalized.

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